Chicago and Film: 10 Iconic Scenes Located in the City

Photo by Lance Anderson on Unsplash

Before Hollywood became the capital of film making, Chicago was an already established “it” location for filmmakers. In the 1900s, Chicago had become a leader in the film industry and had the public’s attention. However, by the 1920s, there was a decline in its success for many reasons. Chicago still had its star power, though, and in the 1980s had a revival with the state of Illinois becoming one of the biggest financial investors in film production.

In 2009 an Illinois bill furthered Chicago’s film production. The bill provides a 30% tax credit on all production costs within the state of Illinois. Since instituting this law in 2009, many filmmakers have committed to Chicago for production.

Since Chicago has a rich history in the film industry, there are many movie scene locations throughout the city; most of them are free. So if you want to feel like the main character for once, Check out this GoogleMyMap that highlights some popular movie locations.