• Isaiah Chauhan

    Isaiah Chauhan

    Isaiah Chauhan is a 21 year old, fourth-year student at UIC pursuing an English major. In his free time, he enjoys making music and following basketball.

  • Jose Vidales

    Jose Vidales

    Communications Major at University of Illinois at Chicago

  • Ashley Maldonado

    Ashley Maldonado

    UIC Comm major| Class of 2022|

  • Juan Castro

    Juan Castro

    UIC Communications Major.

  • Monserrat Dominguez

    Monserrat Dominguez

    Third year Communication major | 20

  • Joy Joyce

    Joy Joyce

  • Tanya Young

    Tanya Young

    Chicagoland wanderer. Hungry foodie. Occasional outdoor enthusiast.

  • Marisol Hernandez

    Marisol Hernandez

    UIC ’22 — be kind

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